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About Us

Mollywood Maids was founded in 2001 by Sandra Bartlett. The business was originally called Molly's Maids and managed by the sole proprietor, Sandra. The business grew steadily and the need arose to formalise the business activities under a close corporation. Unfortunately the original name was already registered and Sandra settled on Mollywood Maids as a quirky alternative.

In 2007 a stalwart labour brokering company acquired membership of Mollywood Maids and this paved the way, with the assistance of Sandra, for the expansion and subsequent franchising of the business.

Whether you engage Mollywood Maids as a cleaning service, or are considering it as a business venture, you will be impressed by the Mollywood Maids Team!

A Brief Company History

Founded in 2001 by Sandra Bartlett and originally known as Molly’s Maids, the business quickly flourished under Sandra’s personalised and dedicated management. As the business rapidly reached new heights it was formalised as a close corporation and Mollywood Maids was born. Mollywood Maids soared to even greater heights when a stalwart labour brokering company acquired membership of the company. This assisted in paving the way for the rapid expansion of the business and subsequent franchising opportunities became available.

If you require the services of Mollywood Maids or you are interested in a lucrative business opportunity, you will surely be impressed by our team. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

The Team

Franchisor - Ian McMurray CA (SA)
Accounting - Intellectual resources (Pty) Ltd